Wednesday, October 1, 2014

"Happy" Pinktober, aka 30 Facts in 30 Days

It's Pinktober! And you know what that means. A plethora of largely-meaningless pink ribbons abounds everywhere you look. As a self-professed research junkie and pink-hater, I've decided to present 30 facts in 30 days to counteract the misleading bounciness of those happy smiling faces that often accompany the ribbons. I'll probably talk about other stuff too (hello, painful lymphedema flare), but in the meantime, here's Day One of Pinktober:

30 facts in 30 days Day 1: "From the beginning, the pink ribbon connoting breast cancer awareness has been embroiled in controversy. Today, some members of the movement wear it proudly, giving thanks for both the symbol and its attendant charity-dollar largesse. Others hate it with a passion. But to much of the media and the world at large, the ribbon is the breast cancer movement. Where did the ribbon come from, where is it going, and what has it meant along the way?"

The woman was 68-year-old Charlotte Haley, the granddaughter, sister, and mother of women who had battled breast cancer. Her peach-colored loops were handmade in her dining room.

I encourage you to do your own research, to make sure you understand where your dollars are going before you spend them on pink ribbon-adorned items.

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