Friday, October 3, 2014

30 facts in 30 days, Day 3

Melanie Childers of Badass Survivors shared this yesterday on Facebook, and I told her that it would be today's fact.

From We're Aware - Now What? A patient's perspective on the need for research, a Healthline article by Ann Silberman of But Doctor, I hate pink!
The Susan G. Komen Foundation (also known as Komen), by far the largest breast cancer charity, only donates 17 percent of their millions to fund research grants. And MBCN estimates that less than five percent of all charitable money goes towards research for metastases, the only form of breast cancer that kills. The rest of the money is funneled back into awareness and education. Races are sponsored, literature is distributed, breast self-exams are advertised, and of course, mammogram machines for clinics are funded. But little is spent to help save those who are dying in the last stages of the disease.

Most people are unaware of the reality of breast cancer, but even fewer are aware of the reality of stage IV/metastatic breast cancer. It's not an instant death sentence as it once was. Many people - because men get breast cancer too - live for years with stage IV breast cancer, changing treatments each time the current one stops working. Sadly, not only are stage IV patients marginalized by the lack of funding, but also by other patients. It's HARD to talk about, and a lot of early-stage patients, frankly, don't want to be confronted by their worst fears.

I think more on this will be tomorrow's fact. 

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