Thursday, October 30, 2014

30 facts in 30 days - DAY 30, WE MADE IT!

Thank you for sticking with me this Pinktober as I've worked to empower and educate. I hope you've learned something - I know I have! I hope you'll think twice before buying anything festooned with pink ribbons, and that you'll know what questions to ask. I'm ready to close the many tabs I've got open on all my devices and take a break from reading about cancer. I'll be doing a blog post with all the links from this month, but not today, and probably not tomorrow, either. I'm leaving you with Melanie Childers of Badass Survivors - learn more about Tamoxifen, the drug most of us who are pre-menopausal are prescribed after treatment.

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The Accidental Amazon said...

Ah, my friend! Here we are in another October, and I'm trying to make up for my neglect by visiting my cyber sisters today. Let's hope we can get through October 2015 with our sanity intact.

Hope you are well, living life, ignoring pink.

xoxo, Kathi