Thursday, October 9, 2014

30 days of facts, Day 9

Lymphedema currently has no cure and requires ongoing management in the form of compression garments, bandaging, PT and more. But lymphedema treatment IS NOT mandated. Whether a patient has primary (occurring on its own) or secondary (caused by another disease or condition, such as lymph node removal following breast cancer), insurance can legally deny treatment. The Lymphedema Treatment Act seeks to mandate desperately-needed treatment, so that patients can get their LE under control, keep it from progressing, and find some relief.

The Lymphedema Treatment Act is a federal bill that aims to improve coverage for the treatment of lymphedema from any cause. Untreated and undertreated lymphedema is progressive and leads to infection, disfigurement, disability and in some cases even death.  Thus, prognosis for the patient is far worse and treatment more costly when the disease is not properly managed.


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